A sewage backup is one of the most troublesome and foul incidents that home and business owners can face within their property. In addition to being extremely difficult and undesirable,    sewage backups can cause extensive property damage as well as severe health complications if it is not cleaned up properly. Raw sewage water contains bacteria, pathogens, and viruses which makes a sewage backup a serious situation.

Causes of Sewage Damage

When backed up to your property, raw sewage water can cause tremendous damage. Not only does it damage the structural integrity of the affected area, but it can destroy carpeting and padding, appliances, furniture, and personal items. The best way to have raw sewage water cleaned up properly and immediately from your property and prevent further property damage and health problems is to seek professional help.

At 24/7 Aquadry Restoration, one of the many restoration services we specialize in sewage damage cleanup. We know that as a home or business owner, raw sewage water is the last thing you want on your hands – literally. In this blog, we are going to review some of the common causes of sewage damage so that you can begin taking the proper measures and precautions to prevent a backup from occurring.

The Most Common Causes of Sewage Damage Include:

  • Root Infiltration. Sewage backups are often caused by tree roots getting inside and spreading throughout sewer lines. This typically happens when trees are too close to the sewer lines. Additionally, tree roots can crack and break sewer pipes and cause structural defects.
  • Structural Defects. When structural defects develop within a sewer system, eventually it will cause damage to the sewage pipes. These defects include misaligned pipes, collapsed pipes, or holes or cracks in the sewer line – all of which can lead to a sewage overflow.
  • Solid Flushes. Solid flushes in the toilets can cause a blockage in your property’s sewer lines. Flushing improper items down the toilet, such s diapers, garbage, and other non-decomposable items cause this blockage, often leading to a toilet overflow.
  • City Sewer Surge. Sewage backups can occur in a sewage like of your city or town, causing an overflow of water in the sewage system. This puts random people at risk of overflowing sewage water in their lower toilets and drains.

Typically, there are a variety of causes of property sewage damage. Regardless of the cause, however, it is vital that a sewage overflow is handled professionally and in a timely manner. Professional restoration technicians will be able to detect the exact cause of the damage and how to properly clean and restore the affected are. Therefore, hiring professionals for sewage cleaning services enhances the safety of your home or business as well as those who may be exposed to the raw sewage water and unpleasant conditions.

Professional Sewage Damage Restoration

There are a set of standards provided by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification for the sewage damage restoration process. One standard states that only trained and experienced professionals should be involved in the sewage removal and cleanup process. When looking for a restoration company, be sure that they adhere to these IICRC standards.  Additionally, the following factors should be considered during the cleanup and restoration process:

  • The affected areas and materials of the property
  • The extent of sewage damage
  • The number of materials that have been contaminated and the extent of the damage.
  • The available ventilation
  • The proper response time

A professional sewage cleanup company will provide a detailed report in order to address all the sewage damage as well as any restoration concerns that you may have. They will answer all your questions and provide a written estimate. Also, they will remove the porous materials and properly dispose of them. This can include bedding and carpeting that may be contaminated with absorbed sewage water.

Professional Sewage Cleanup

Once the sewage water is removed from the property, the restoration specialists will use large fans to help remove moist air from the building. This helps ensure that the air is eliminated by dehumidifiers and that the risk of mold growth is prevented. The technicians will also ensure that non-porous items in the affected area, such as hardwood and tile flooring, are cleaned with the right disinfecting products.

With the help from a professional restoration company, you can rest assured that your property is cleaned and dried properly so that you can go back to your normal life.

In Need Of Sewage Cleanup In Weddington, Indian Trail, or the Surrounding Areas?

If you are dealing with a sewage backup, it is vital to prevent it from causing further damage by spreading throughout your property. The best way to do this is to let a professional handle the problem. Restoration experts of a reliable company will respond urgently and provide effective sewage removal services. If you are in need of sewage cleanup and restoration, contact 24/7 Aquadry Restoration!