Finding water damage in your business is never a pleasant experience. Not only do you have to deal with damage to the floors, walls, inventory, and other structures and contents within your business, but the water will likely make it difficult to continue business operations. When water damage occurs, in order to prevent further property damage from happening and shutting down business operations for days — or even weeks — the affected areas need to quickly be cleaned and restored. As a business owner, you likely don’t have the time nor the knowledge to effectively clean, dry and restore the damaged area of your property. The best choice is to allow a local commercial restoration company handle the job. Professional restoration and water mitigation companies will have the training, experience, and resources to handle any commercial water damage job.

If you own a business in South Carolina and your property is damaged by water, the restoration experts at 24/7 Aquadry will be there to help. Our residential and commercial water damage restoration company in South Carolina has over 18 years of industry experience, so you can rest assured that we will be able restore your property back to its pre-loss condition. Since we started offering restoration services in South Carolina, 24/7 Aquadry has helped many business owners with water damage services, such as water mitigation, carpet water extraction, structural water damage restoration, and more! No matter what the cause of water damage is in your commercial property, you can rely on our team to get your business back up and running.

Common Causes of Commercial Water Damage

There are a variety of factors that can lead to commercial water damage. What’s worse, most of the causes of water damage are completely unexpected. Not only can water damage destroy inventory and other contents within your business, it can result in days or weeks of unproductive business operations. The best way for businesses to prevent water damage is to first be aware of what the common causes of water damage are.

Burst Pipe

The pipes and water lines in your business can burst and lead to significant water damage. With water rushing out of the pipe, it doesn’t take long for it to take its toll on the walls, floors, and belongings in a business. If the plumbing in your building is old and faulty, a burst pipe is something you could eventually face.

Sprinkler Systems

Many commercial buildings have built-in sprinkler systems. These sprinklers were designed to help reduce the amount of fire damage during a fire, but they are not the best when it comes to the water damage they can cause when going off.

Severe Weather

Storms, heavy rainfall, flooding, and other severe weather conditions can lead to serious water damage. When commercial properties aren’t in pristine condition, they are more susceptible to water damage during severe weather conditions. For example, a small roof leak and a weekend of heavy rainfall can leave business owners with a mess when they head in at the start of the week.

Faulty Equipment and Appliances

While water damage from faulty appliances is much more common in restaurants, any appliance or piece of equipment that uses water can lead to water damage when it malfunctions. From a water heater to the dishwasher in the break room, there are various ways a business owner can face a water damage emergency

Why Choose Our Commercial Water Damage Restoration Company

When your commercial property is damaged by water, whether caused by a broken pipe, a toilet overflow, or severe weather, our team can quickly and efficiently handle the entire cleanup and restoration process. This not only saves you time and money but also the hassle of dealing with multiple companies and contractors. Our team consists of trained and certified restoration specialists, so you can ensure that we can restore the damaged area of your business back to its pre-loss state.


Emergency Water Damage Restoration

Immediate response is essential after water damage occurs. That’s why we quickly respond to your business with our 24-hour emergency restoration services.

Insurance Friendly

We work with all major insurance companies and make it easier for the businesses and offices that we work with.

Free Estimates

Our restoration specialists will come out to your business and assess the property damage to provide you with an honest and affordable quote.