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Fire & Smoke Damage

Quality Fire Damage Repair in Charlotte and the surrounding Northern Carolina Areas

Even if nobody is harmed, the emotional impact of a property fire can be devastating. Unexpected fires can consume your belongings and valuables and leave you with a property that seems unrepairable. If your home or business experiences fire or smoke damage, you need to call a team that will work quickly to mitigate the damage, recover, and restore as much of the property and items as possible.

24/7 Aquadry is proud to be one of Charlotte’s best fire damage restoration companies and the surrounding Carolina areas.

Experienced and Reliable Fire Damage Restoration in Charlotte

For years, 24/7 Aquadry has been helping home and business owners throughout North Carolina recover from damages caused by fire. We are committed to helping others recover faster, more effectively, and more reliably than any other restoration service in the area. Over the years we have become a leader in fire restoration by investing in high-tech equipment specifically designed for fire damage. Our team is able to restore your home or business back to its original pre-loss condition, even when it seems like you’re dealing with permanent damage. We are also able to restore your “soft contents” to their pre-loss state. As an IICRC certified firm, we make sure to provide customers with the highest level of superior and quality service for fire damage.

Emergency Fire Damage Repair

24/7 Aquadry takes pride in offering 24/7 emergency restoration services. As fire damage experts, we are highly aware of how important it is to mitigate and prevent further damage from happening. That’s why when we are called to a property that has experienced fire damage, our team will be on-site in less than an hour. From the start of the restoration process to the end, our committed team will work tirelessly to quickly and efficiently reduce the recovery time. When you choose 24/7 Aquadry for fire damage restoration, you can rest assured a team will soon be on-site starting the restoration process.

Does Your Home Or Business Have Smoke Damage?

When it comes to fire damage, smoke odor is one of the longest-lasting effects. After fire damage occurs it is typical for the smell of smoke to linger throughout the property, affecting your personal items, upholstery, and other belongings.

At 24/7 AquaDry, we have developed an effective system over the years that can remove smoke damage from items that home and business owners thought to be ruined. We also provide full-service construction to get your home back to its original condition, or even better! Our technicians have been trained to properly contain smoke damage in a residential or commercial building, and then remove the smell or odor from the materials using the latest technology. Our IICRC certified restoration specialists will work quickly to begin the smoke damage extraction and sanitation process.

Get Quick, Reliable Smoke Damage Remediation

If left untreated, smoke can linger throughout your home or business. Once the smoke has fully invaded your commercial or residential building, it can be difficult to remove the smell. However, by calling our North Carolina smoke damage repair team, we can help! By using the latest technology, we can remove smoke odors from both hard and soft materials, ensuring that your property and belongings will be restored and the smell of smoke will be completely eliminated.

Does Your Property Have Fire and Smoke Damage?

We are committed to being the area’s best smoke and fire damage restoration service. That’s why our team highly-trained team will work hard to get everything back to its pre-loss state. We are fire and smoke damage experts and we can help you get your home or business back in order!

Smoke Damage Company Near Me – 24/7 Aquadry

Water Damage Restoration

There are many causes of residential water damage. From old plumbing to leaky appliances, there are many ways that water can enter your home and cause damage to its structure and contents.

Fire and Smoke Restoration

For years, 24/7 Aquadry has been helping home and business owners throughout North Carolina recover from damages caused by fire. We are committed to helping others recover faster, more effectively, and more reliably than any other restoration service in the area.

Mold Removal

As an experienced mold remediation company, our team understands that mold outbreaks can cause some serious health issues and costly property damage. With over 15 years of experience, you can trust that we will get the job done.

Emergency Boardup

Protect your property and prevent further damage after a disaster. If your property is suffering from a weather disaster, fire, or has been vandalized, We will secure your premises with speed, and accuracy.

Water Extraction

24/7 Aquadry is here to help you with any flood water extraction you might need for your home or business. Whether a storm made its way into your house or a leaky roof, we take care of it.

Burst Pipe Water Extraction

We are quick to respond and extract flood water from pipe bursts and other plumbing failures. Did your house or business suffer a flood from the following plumbing failures?

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