Let’s be honest, no home or business owner wants to have to deal with a sewage backup. Messy, smelly, toxic — it does not matter how you articulate it, when raw sewage water is exposed in a residential or commercial property it is a serious situation that should be taken care of immediately. The smell of a sewer backup alone is enough to create a hazardous living environment. Sewage waste contains a variety of bacteria and viruses that could make you very ill. In addition, when sewage backups occur, the water can cause a significant amount of property damage. With all the damage to property and health a sewer backup can cause, it is important to have the mess cleaned quickly and safely to avoid further and costly damages.

Many people will often attempt sewage cleanup themselves, but due to the risk of exposure to germs, bacteria, viruses, and other hazardous materials, cleaning up sewage water should be left to trained professionals. If you experience a sewer back up and are in need of sewage cleaning services in North Carolina, contact the team at 24/7 Aquadry. Whether a sewage backup is caused by a clogged sewer line, flooding, toilet overflow, or septic backup, it can be a nuisance to clean up. Proper sewage cleanup and restoration requires the right training, equipment, and industry-certified procedures to restore a property. Our restoration company has extensive training, knowledge, and experience dealing with sewage backups, from the initial sewage removal and cleanup to the restoration of any areas that have experienced water damage. You can rest assured that our restoration company will quickly and safely the sewage damage cleanup and restoration process.

What Causes Sewage Backups in North Carolina?

Sewage backup can be caused by a variety of factors. What’s worse, sometimes sewage backups are huge and often completely unexpected. The truth is, sewage backups can happen to anyone. And, unless you are able to properly identify the cause of a backup, it is difficult to fix the problem and prevent it from happening again. Let take a look at some of the most common causes of a sewage backup or overflow.

Clogged Sewer Line

One of the most common causes of commercial and residential sewage backups is clogged sewer pipes. Clogs typically occur due to a buildup of solid material in the sewer pipe that runs from the property out to the municipal sewer line. Fats and oils, food waste, toilet paper, and other materials improperly flushed down the drain can all lead to sewer backups. Most sewer clogs can be prevented with regular maintenance and proper use of the drains.

Tree Root Infiltration

Tree roots often cause issues for sewer lines. As trees grow, their roots can penetrate a sewer line. Once the roots are able to penetrate the pipes, the roots will often grow within the pipes often creating a massive blockage. Once this happens, the only solution to fix the problem is to cut away the roots and then repair or replace the sewer pipe.

Damaged or Collapsed Sewage Line

When sewer lines are damaged, broken, or collapsed they can end up causing a lot of issues for homeowners. Whether it’s due to old age, faulty material, earth movement, or insufficient ground support under the pipes, all of these issues will likely lead to big problems for the sewer line. When sewer pipes are damaged or collapsed, they need to be replaced or repaired.

Heavy Rainfall of Flooding

Because sewage systems only have a limited capacity, flooding or heavy rainfall — especially for a long period of time — can lead to major problems. If rainfall or flooding causes a sewer line to exceed its capacity, the excess water may eventually find its way to your sewer line. As unfortunate and unlucky as this is, it is a serious issue that often leads to a sewage backup.

Why Choose 24/7 Aquadry For Sewage Cleanup

Cleaning an area following a sewage backup requires professional help. 24/7 Aquadry Restoration has successfully handled numerous backups in North Carolina. Cleaning sewage damage is something that needs to happen immediately after a backup in order to help prevent massive and costly damages. That’s why we quickly respond to all service calls as soon as possible. We are happy to provide you with a free estimate for sewage cleanup. There is never an obligation to choose us, but if you’re satisfied with the estimate, the team can begin work immediately! All of our restoration specialists are trained and certified to extract sewage water from an area and restore it back to its pre-loss state. When you choose 24/7 Aquadry to handle property damage, you’ll see why we are one of the most trusted and reliable local restoration companies around!


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