Water damage can strike a business at any time, getting everywhere and causing damage to areas of your commercial building as well as the furniture, documents, inventory, and equipment inside. What’s worse, whats worse, commercial water damage can put business operations to a complete halt. In order for business owners to get their business back to normal, and to prevent further damages from occurring, a sense of urgency and delicacy of the situation is required. And, since every hour spent cleaning and repairing the damages is lost revenue and productivity it is best quickly make sure the damage is quickly remediated. Whatever the commercial water damage may be, whether carpet water damage or damage to the structure of a building when an emergency situation arises in your business, it is best to call a professional commercial restoration company.

When you are in need of a commercial restoration company in Charlotte, call the water damage specialists at 24/7 Aquadry. Our Charlotte restoration company has been cleaning and restoring residential and commercial water damage throughout the area for over 18 years! Regardless of the cause of water damage, 24/7 Aquadry will act quickly and help you assess the problems caused by water damage and begin the mitigation and recovery process. Before we begin making the necessary water damage repairs, we make sure to remove any salvageable items to your business and will work closely with your insurance provider to ensure everything is handled. Don’t wait and risk mold accumulation or further structural damage to your business, let our team handle the restoration process.

Commercial Water Damage Causes

Water damage can happen unexpectedly, leaving your business with significant damages, a large mess to clean up, and an impact on the daily operations. While most causes of water damage are hidden or sudden, knowing the most common types of commercial water damage can make preventing these problems from occurring to begin with. Let’s take a look at the causes of water damage that tend to give business owners trouble the most.

Burst Pipe

Water pipes can burst at any time, whether caused by water pressure, corrosion, or freezing water, and lead to a severe amount of damage to a business’s structure and contents as well as a significant amount of water loss.

Severe Weather Conditions

When the weather turns south, your business is at risk of damage. Severe thunderstorms, downed trees, and flooding are all inclimate weather conditions that can lead to the destruction of your commercial property.

Faulty Appliances

Most business owners wouldn’t think that the break room refrigerator could cause water damage to their property, but it can. In fact, any appliances or equipment that use water could malfunction and lead to a commercial water damage emergency.

Sprinkler System

While having a sprinkler system is needed in order to help stop fire damage, they can cause a significant amount of water damage if they ever malfunction. Sprinklers can cause carpet water damage, damage to the drywall and upholstery, and it can cause the development of mold and mildew.

Why Choose Our Charlotte Water Damage Company

The restoration professionals at 24/7 Aquadry understand them as long as your business is not operating, the impact caused by water damage increases daily, and in some cases by the hour. Our team is professionally trained and certified to work quickly and efficiently for water damage cleanup and restoration. If you have a water damage emergency, our team will quickly arrive onsite and assess the issue by identifying any pockets of excess moisture and take the necessary steps to eliminate them. We work hard to get you back into business, fast! If your business is struck by water damage, our team will be available to handle the entire restoration process, from initial mitigation to complete restoration of the affected areas.

Emergency Water Damage Clean Up

We know that commercial water damage can cause lost revenue and productivity for your business, that’s why we offer emergency commercial water damage restoration services.

Insurance Friendly

We work with all major insurance companies and make it easier for the businesses and offices we work with.

Free Estimates

Our local technicians will come out to your business and assess damage to provide you with a free no-obligation water damage estimate.